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CLEAN Hand Sanitizer (Starter Pack)


Our effective, yet gentle hand sanitizer is blended with 72% alcohol, jojoba oil, and mood-improving lavender.  Our essential oils not only temper the scent of the alcohol, it creates a moisturizing formula that is a pleasure to use. We've created CLEAN to simplify and elevate the new essential.

  • Spray on skin to kill 99.9% of bacteria and protect from viruses
  • Spritz on common touch surfaces to disinfect
  • Slim design easily fits into pockets, small purses, and suit coats

Perfect for everyday use, commuting, road trips, and thoughtful gifting.

Shipping: Includes our beautiful CLEAN tube and 4 recyclable cartridges of hand sanitizer (one month supply). Each cartridge is 120 sprays each, approximately 7-10 days use per and designed to reduce waste.

For continued use, explore our CLEAN+ subscription.

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