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"The Grip Cup stems from the idea of traditional Japanese tea bowls and giving them a more ergonomic and modern look. The vessels themselves really allow for multipurpose use, which is how the development of the grip cup candle was made.

The Grip Cup starts as a candle and ends as a cup. The cup can be used for food or liquid but we personally turn them into little succulent planters for the window sill. Who doesn't love a two in one and the Grip Cup Candle is just that." - Jonathan Castro

  • 100% Hand Made Reusable Ceramic Vessel 
  • Once the candle is complete, simply add hot water and let sit for 15 seconds
  • Use a spoon to scoop out the metal wood wick clip (holds wick in place}
  • Run under hot water until the remainder of the soy wax melts away.
  • Wash with soap and water
  • Ready for functional use!

Blends available:

MARQUIS (Vetiver & Fig) and GLORIA (Tonka Bean & Vanilla) 

*Limited Edition Capsule Designed for West Elm 

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